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Just some of the things I’ve done for myself and other people.
Site created by MadLad Designs using Xara Web Designer
elcome to the wonderful world of MadLad Designs! From here you can see the
many things I’ve done for myself, friends and clients. There are games, logos,
websites, documentation, YouTube videos, applications and a whole plethora of
creativity just waiting to be released!
I’ve worked with computers for the last 15 year, right from the humble Spectrum 48k 
(yes, that’s 48k of memory!) running at 3.5Mhz, right up to a Intel Duo Core @3Ghz
with 4 Gb of RAM, with a nice stop at the AMIGA A500 in between.
I’ve been interested is design right from an early age, I used to design my own
Dungeson & Dragons games for my friends.
“So what do you do?”
All sorts! I’ve created games, manuals, web sites, logos, board games, pictures, DVD covers, icons... I’ve done many, many
things, mostly for myself and a friends and if you take a look around this site you’ll see most of my work. I’ve used many
tools to create my stuff, including Paint.NET, Xara WebStyle, Xara Web Designer, IrfanView, Pop Up Menu Creator, Web
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